Certified Clinical Nutritionist

Liliana Partida has been in the health and fitness industry for over 25 years. Certified in Nutritional Microscopy, Clinical Nutrition, Advanced Bio Energetic Testing, and Kinesiology she is continually involved with on-going research in nutrition and diagnostic technologies. Her passion for health lead her to develop the Keto Kickstart course to deliver a total body, anti-aging, disease prevention, and optimal health system designed to empower participants to improve their overall health and appearance.

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My mission in life is to inspire, educate and motivate people to realize their health and fitness goals through simple and easy lifestyle modifications. I support holistic change so people can take charge of their life, their health and their happiness without the use of drugs or other unnatural means. I enable my clients to increase the quality and longevity of their life by providing a safe arena for growth and change using the most current cutting-edge programs and treatments. I have worked at the Center for New medicine in Irvine, California as the Staff Nutritionist for over a decade. My role at the Center is to present ongoing educational programs addressing nutrition, anti-aging, metabolic syndrome, weight loss, diabetes, and cancer prevention while focusing on customized lifestyle programs. I have furthered my nutritional knowledge by pursing and achieving several certifications that support my well-rounded approach with my clients.

My Background

I began my journey in the health and fitness industry over 25 years ago. My love for fitness began with my commitment to Track and field throughout high school and college. I’m proud to say I was the winner of the 400-meter California State Championship run in 1978, this was one of my earliest accomplishments. These formative years were the foundation to my future academic and professional pursuits in the healthy lifestyle and fitness industries. . After pursuing a degree in physical education and psychology I developed and co-owned one of the most successful all women’s health clubs in San Rafael, California. This was followed by a similar project in Los Angeles California before I went on to pursue international opportunities in fitness and health club developments. Certified by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, American Council on Exercise, and the Institute of Aerobic Research, I have been active in training and developing programs for fitness instructors throughout the World. Lectures and guest speaking programs on nutrition and weight loss have been presented in the United States, Spain, Switzerland, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Mexico As a Staff Nutritionist at Center For New Medicine, I present ongoing educational programs on Nutrition, Metabolic Syndrome, Weight Loss, Cancer and Diabetes.


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